The five disciplines of Viral Change

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The five disciplines of Viral Change™

The Five Disciplines of Viral Change™  are  the competences of the modern organization, the way to understand the dynamics of the firm today where agility, true employee engagement and bottom-up leadership shape everyday life. 

The Five Disciplines are connected between them but each of them deserves focus (understanding, training, enabling, becoming excellent at..) in their own right.

Behavioural-based management:

The new organizational focus is behaviours, not process and  systems; these are the baseline, a pass, a given.

Mobilizing scalable influence:

How to maximize influence and trust within the firm; hierarchical influence is a given (over-estimated), peer-to-peer influence is the true engine

Nurturing informal social networks:

Formal structures are a given, the default; most of the neat stuff happens in informal social networks, ignore them at your peril.

Accelerating a new narrative (stories):

Storytelling is not new, although still largely ignored by many business organizations; mastering the art of using the right stories to accelerate a new corporate narrative.

Fostering distributed leadership:

Top-down  leadership is a given; the real engine of leadership is distributed around the organization in the form of highly influent people, whose influence does not depend on the job description or title. 

The Five Disciplines of Viral Change™ are described in the book Homo Imitans. The art of social infection, viral change in action’  by Leandro Herrero (meetingminds, 2011)  

The Five Disciplines of Viral Change™ are delivered by our Accredited Practices as a training programme independent from a Viral Change™ consulting engagement. Click here to download a pdf brochure

The Five Disciplines of Viral Change™ Summary