An introduction to Viral Change™
by Leandro Herrero


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever does” 

Margaret Mead (1901-1978), anthropologist




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Welcome to The Viral Change™ Mobilizing Platform

The Organization Operating System

It’s behaviours stupid! Perhaps this is the paraphrased way to describe the engine of any 21st Century organization, big or small. After re-structuring, re-engineering, re-sizing and re-designing, the forgotten ‘re’ are renewal and reinventing. Only behavioural change can do these. But it needs an engine of change and transformation, a permanent capability for change-ability, more than the one off method of ‘going form A to Z’. It needs a modern, flexible and powerful Organization Operating System.

The Viral Change™ Mobilizing Platform provides the conditions for sustainable, large scale behavioural and cultural change. Pick your goal: a customer-centric culture, one that focuses on safety, a culture of effectiveness or of innovation, or ‘a global culture’ able to succeed across geographic boundaries. Perhaps a new organization post M&A, or revitalizing an existing culture in order to meet new business goals. Or a new drive to create agility, true accountability, excellent performance. Or all of the above.

Granted, some of these journeys may require changes in structures and processes. But the ultimate real change is behavioural. These and other cultural transformations are shaped by the behaviours of individuals and small groups, not by a top-down, push from management. Change and mobilization of people are pull effects, a social contagion, a social movement, with the leadership engine in the grass roots and back-stage support from the Executive floor, not the other way around.

Viral Change™  is the antithesis of the old traditional ‘management of change’. It is a mobilizing platform, not a method in the traditional way. A platform that provides the behavioural DNA for the organization and that creates an unique Organization Operating System. With that DNA and the appropriate mechanisms of scale up, change is possible. But change is not a project or a programme, it’s a way of life. The right Organization Operating System can host change, transformation, deployment of values and leadership, mobilization of people, re-shaping of a culture, employee engagement and any other day to day need of the organizational architecture.

The modern Organization Operating System is powered by Viral Change™

But if we talk ‘change’, if change is what is needed, this is the approach: no more slow, painful, and inefficient processes of sequential, top-down communication cascaded down through all management levels and, incidentally, with an army of consultants as the only way to target some outcomes. That system fails at a rate of 75% or more. Many people have been there, done that. Frankly, we don’t have time for that anymore.

Welcome. We are the orchestrators of this new way. We have been helping organizations for 15 year in this way embedding Viral Change™ and creating the behavioural fabric and the mobilizing platform. We published the book of the same title, Viral Change™, in 2006, when most official ‘change management’ was still top down, mechanistic and based upon a series of ‘steps’. The second edition in 2008, was followed by Homo Imitans: the art of social infection, viral change in action in 2011.

Our approach has been recognized with the trademarks for Viral Change™ , Viral Leadership™, Viral Safety™ and Backstage Leadership™ . We are here to help you to install the ultimate Organization Operating System that will lead to success. When this is active, the words project or programme associated to ‘change’ will be redundant.

Talk to us.