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How Viral Change™ works

As a method, the Viral Change™ journey  is divided into five phases, not all of them are as sequential as represented.  The key focus for each phase is described below. The duration of each phase varies depending on where the change process starts.

Discovery: creating or revisiting a vision, uncovering and articulating non negotiable behaviours ; mapping the networks of change, uncovering the real influence within the organization

Development: identifying peer groups  and visualizing peer-to-peer influence, aligning management, calling selected people to participate

Engagement: creation of a community of change agents with a particular profile and enlisting them, helping them with their role; aligning  further leaders and managers

Diffusion: behaviours spread, the community of champions is supported; peer to peer influence is orchestrated  and supported; progress is tracked and evaluated; stories of success  are spread; the social movement is in action

Sustain: key behaviours are now embedded, new directions are evaluated, the agents community ends as such, re-directions and re-focus may make a new journey restart.

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