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Where you can find us

We are wherever you need us. We have bases in many places. Our partners work as a team in the same way as they work with their clients. Your first port of contact is a Viral Change™ company.

The Viral Change™ Global Network of companies

Viral Change™ companies are led by our own partners. They are consulting companies working closely with clients in the orchestration (design and implementation) of Viral Change™. With  current local companies in the UK and Denmark, the network is expanding to the USA in the very immediate future, to be followed by other companies across the world. Reach any partner near you. If in  doubt, contact the Viral Change™ Global Network office

Accredited Practices

Each Viral Change™ company has its own  network of Accredited Practices. These are associated training companies accredited in the training of clients in The Five Disciplines of Viral Change™ . This is a training programme. They themselves follow a thorough process of accreditation and quality assurance before and after offering their own clients in-house training on the Disciplines. The network of Accredited Practices is growing. If training of managers and leaders in the Five Disciplines is what you need ,please contact us to find a suitable Accredited Practice.

The Chalfont Project Ltd

The first Viral Change™ company was a spin off from  The Chalfont Project Ltd. This  is an UK based international consultancy with leading expertise in organizational architecture. Due to the success and growth of programmes in behavioural change management applied to the organization,  and the increasing global presence of Viral Change™ , the Chalfont Project carved out  this area of consulting services and  created Viral Change L.L.P.  It is the source of the original Viral Change™ approach. The company specialises in organizational strategy and implementation, particularly in the areas of  collective leadership, organizational effectiveness and innovation,  and behavioural branding (organizations)