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Viral Change™ and society

Nothing described in these pages about the modern approach to change in organizations could not be applicable to macro-social change.  In one of our books, Homo Imitans: the art of social infection, viral change in action , we make the point of bridging this gap between what business organizations have traditionally seen as ‘their management world’ and what society sees as ‘social movements and social change’. There are no differences.  Change is behavioural in both. Grassroots, bottom-up leadership is more powerful than top-down dictation. This is equally true inside the organization ( private, public, business, NGO...) and in streets, towns and neighbourhoods.   In both worlds the formula is the same: small set of non negotiable behaviours, small numbers of highly influent individuals, informal social networks, stories and new narrative  and a form of leadership which is distributed.

Social policy needs to be informed by the understanding of how all these components work,  their orchestration and their deployment. This is Viral Change™. As Viral Change™ practitioners, ‘the organization’ is our natural home. As citizens, we aspire to support positive social change by bringing our skills and expertise in the socio-behavioural and network approach.