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Work could be remarkable.
Homo Imitans
he art of social infection: Viral Change in action
Viral Change
he alternative to slow, painful and unsuccessful management of change in organizations
Disruptive Ideas 10+10+10=1000: the maths of Viral Change that transform organizations

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Viral Change™ Summaries

The key Viral Change principles: a one-page summary
Changing the way we think about change : 8-page summary
Actually, collaborating is good: a one-page vignette on collaborative culture
A culture of training in safety is not a culture of safety

Viral Change™ in the Press

Business Digest VC Dossier ENGLISH: a few page summary and case description
Business Digest VC Dossier FRENCH: a few page summary and case description
Trends Tendances_Viral Change: One page article, Belgium business magazine (French)
Homo Imitans Launch Press Release May 2011


Viral Change (TM) by Dr Leandro Herrero
Video - approx 4 minutes
Viral Change (TM) : The 5 Disciplines
Video - approx 15 minutes
Borsen TV interview
Leandro Herrero - Consultant : Author : Speaker
Video - approx 2 minutes
Borsen, Danish business newspaper and online
Video - approx 15 minutes
Leandro Herrero on Viral Change

Audio plus slides - approx 28 minutes

Leandro Herrero - Changing the way we think about change pdf slideshow only

Other Viral Change™ Resources

Articles and other resources at The Chalfont Project website
Dr Leandro Herrero’s personal website
Dr Leandro Herrero BIO