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How we work

Most of our best successes come from becoming an integral part of our clients’ change leading teams. We often work together 24/7 with them as an internal project team with no visible difference between external consultant and internal leaders. Our role is not only strategic and advisory but also hands on deployment of our expertise. Whether in the early stages of visualizing the kind of changes that need to occur, or in supporting structural change already taking place, or in the real life implementation of Viral Change™ across the organization, we see ourselves as true partners.

We usually work closely with the top leadership of the organization in the uncovering of the behavioural fabric needed and the crafting of Viral Change™, but we also work with mangers and staff in their behavioural engagement in viral change. We work with you at all levels.

We understand complexity. ‘Change projects’ often suffer from a cluttered corporate environment with multiple (competing?) initiatives which are not well linked. The Viral Change™ approach sees itself as the umbrella or ‘glue’ to many efforts, not just ‘another programme’. The help that clients need in this complex environment requires seniority and experience. We provide these well above standards.