Non-negotiable behaviours and a magic word: choice

An excerpt from the book Homo Imitans by Leandro Herrero:

The uncovering of and search for behaviours may present us with a rich collection. Now, we need to exercise a crucial prerogative that ‘management’ has and that isn’t always completely pleasant: the choice. There may be, say, 10 crucial possible behaviours that have been proposed by management, validated by various people and that are consistent with our external advice. They are all plausible candidates. They all make sense. But we need to halve them. Although there is no dogmatic number, just imagine the spread of them around the organization and the potential difficulty of explaining them (world I) and endorsing and practicing them (world II).

You may be disappointed when I say that there is no scientific method for choosing the ones which from then on will be called ‘non-negotiable’ to stress their importance. Nor would I recommend the traditional prioritization system based on maximum impact and degree of control, for example. You have just decided that all of them may have great impact. The leadership team needs to make a decision and determine the ones to focus on based
upon a technique as simple as imagining: imagining those behaviours multiplied a thousand times every week
across the organization and imagining the kind of organizational culture that would result from that. Obviously, there will be a combination of factors in their brain: impact, personal closeness, etc. It doesn’t matter. They still need to choose, so that the initial infection at least focuses on the spread of that small set. Remember my previous comment about the interdependence of behaviours. That may help in making the choice!

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