Workforce engagement

  • Post leadership development/team building: implementing and embedding values and behaviours across the organization. Team alignment. Many efforts here are traditionally biased towards ‘communication’ of some sort. New frameworks are created, information is cascaded down and workshops with managers are ‘rolled out’. But the embedment, spread and scale up is behavioural. Viral Change™ uses the ‘behavioural translation; and the power of peer-to-peer influence to make those framework real.

  • Employee engagement: redefining engagement by, for example, creating a new culture of collaboration, ownership and accountability through new behaviours spread virally. Employee engagement is becoming ‘an industry on its own’. Many traditional approaches mix up ‘communicating’ and ‘engaging’ which are very different. Viral Change™ is real life employee engagement at its best

  • Organizational branding: defining non-negotiable behaviours that need to be applied to the organization’s interface with stakeholders. Creating a culture consistent with the brand. Traditional ‘employee branding’ focuses on communication and training. ‘Living a brand’ however is behavioural. Following a branding exercise, the real-life embedment of the brand goes well beyond logos and artefacts. It is behavioural, at scale, or it isn’t!