Single focus of attention

  • Safety in the workplace: beyond training and communication, creating true behavioural change and a culture of safety. Oil and gas, transport, etc. Viral Change™ takes care of the ‘creation of a culture’. Traditional top-down standards training, communication, and compliance need not stop! But they are insufficient to shape a culture per se. Many well known safety disasters are hardily addressed, corrected and solved by ‘having more training’

  • Creating a culture of innovation: beyond process and technology, changing behaviours to create an innovation DNA. Traditional innovation programmes focus on process (idea generation, idea qualification, investment decision, implementation) and technology (collaborative software). All those may be required but they don’t work in the absence of an appropriate behavioural DNA. Viral Change™ addresses a culture of innovation in behavioural terms, spreading new behaviours, leading to the utilization of those processes and technology

  • Costumer-centrism: transforming the organization into a true customer-centred one; the new behaviours spread globally and a new customer-centred culture (and competency) being shaped. There is a lot that traditional training can provide here but only behavioural change creates a real change. Viral Change™ creates the umbrella where training and behaviours meet. Customer-centric behaviours spread like any other by orchestrating social copying and imitation, not by dictation of sales managers