Emergent business issues

  • Cost reduction and rationalization: eliminating processes and barriers, creating a new agile culture with diminished resources. Most new streamlined processes and new procedures, including new governance, also require new behaviours. People need to work in different ways and perhaps interact with different people. The key changes, very often forgotten, are behavioural. A leaner organization is not a small version of a less-lean one; it is very different in its behavioural DNA . Viral Change™ provides the framework and ways to realize the benefits of the new organization

  • ‘Technology rescue’ : many technology implementation efforts (CRM, ERP etc) are notoriously unsuccessful despite the quality of the technology ( and the expenditure!) not because the process of mapping and involving stakeholders is wrong (if anything, very often over inclusive) but because the use of the new technology involves significant behavioural change in people. Technology and process attract 75% of the budget, whilst behavioural change provides 75% of the problems. Viral Change™ plugs-in where the behavioural neglect exists.

  • Sales force effectiveness. A good example is the one of transitioning from a ‘product selling’ to a ‘solution selling’. The new interactions with the customer are naively thought to be simply trainable when in truth very often those new ways entail significant change in behaviours by customer- facing staff. New behaviours can be rationally explained but their spread at scale takes place only by imitation and copying in a peer-to-peer environment. Viral Change™ provides the framework and the solution.