Broad cultural intent

  • Overall cultural transformation: focused on specific new drivers such as agility, accountability and customer focus, for example. It is quite common for people to dedicate significant efforts to the finding of the goals, then figure out the kind of processes that may need to change. But very often people get stuck here without translating the goals into behavioural change. Viral Change™ includes all of the above but goes well beyond the traditional consulting borders of transformation of ‘structures’ to get into the realities of day to day behavioural change and provide a solid solution.

  • Fast alignment (Reorganization, M&A, JV alignment across divisions/affiliates etc) Very often 90% of the efforts are directed to a ‘rational appeal’. Alignment is however truly behavioural. The same applies when in an M&A or Joint Venture situation the integration efforts stop at the processes and system levels and leave unsolved the source of all possible disappointments: the behavioural change that needs to take place, the creation of a new behavioural DNA. The Viral Change™ approach provides the solution

  • ‘A collaborative culture’: transitioning from individualistic and silo culture to cross-collaboration and collective intelligence. Many traditional approaches tend to focus on re-design as a solution. The issue is behavioural most of the time. Collaboration as a behavioural driver must be in the (new) DNA ; structural solutions alone will not make much difference. Viral Change™ provides a sustainable framework for fast creation of collaboration

  • ‘Globalization’: companies ‘going global’, redefining the new ‘international manager or leader’ and embedding the new behaviour across cultures and geographies. There is a fair degree of training involved here in the areas of trans-cultural management but Viral Change™ takes over where a training approach stops in order to spread specific behaviours across borders